Eco Line

Eco Friendly refrigerant
Low Carbon footprint natural hydrocarbon refrigerant which has low energy consumption to assure product longevity and recyclability

Upright Refrigerators

Zetam’s line of upright refrigerators and freezers are designed for heavy duty commercial use assuring high performance, long lasting reliability and excellent hygiene level.

Refrigerated Counters

ETAM’S horizontal refrigerators are designed modularly to fulfill all needs of restaurants and bars assuring high performance, long life, reliability, and excellent hygiene standards.  They are available in a variety of models, including solid top counters, Pizza preparation tables, Salad units, Sandwich units, Bottle coolers and Buffet built in cold tops.

Front Of House

ZETAM’S commitment to innovation and continuous improvement has led them to be one of the world’s leading manufacturers of commercial refrigeration. Working closely with users, engineers and designers, 

Medical Products